Class Project: Where Does Our Food Come From?

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The students in our Pre-K class recently finished their semester-long airplane project! The study involved discussing different roles and tasks that factor into flying across the country. One of the jobs students were able to perform was the role of a flight attendant. All of those snacks and drinks being served left the kids wondering: Where does that food come from? This quickly escalated into dozens of other inquiries revolving around the who, what, where, when, why and how of food. Some of the pressing questions included:

  • Where does food grow?
  • How do seeds turn into food?
  • How do you make bread?
  • Why do plants need water?
  • What do animals eat?
  • When does food grow?
  • When is the best time to eat?

Research by our Pre-K students began with a yummy activity that involved creating butter in the classroom! Students learned how milk is made, and how cream is separated from milk and churned to create butter. The students timed how long it took to create butter and even added to their efforts by singing a butter churning song!

Students also created their own Farmers Market in the classroom, which spurred questions on how much money they should pay for their fruit and vegetables. Each student drew a fruit, labeled it, and decided on a price to pay. This exercise is a great opportunity to help children identify numerals and discuss the dollar sign.

Another early activity in the students’ food-focused project was a study on beans. Students took to their magnifying glasses to investigate the appearance of a raw bean in comparison to the beans that they ate. Discussion blossomed into the differences in appearance, texture, and smell of a raw bean. The students began to observe some changes in their beans in the form of roots, stems, and leaves. In order to keep track of all the changes in their beans, the students created a Seed Book! By labeling different stages in the beans’ growth, the students are able to practice using beginning and ending sounds in words.

As students continue to analyze where their food comes from, they will continue to incorporate science, math, writing, social science, and more into their studies! We can’t wait to follow along students’ progress as they investigate this topic.

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