Class Project: Around the World

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Our Lower Elementary class has finally recovered from exploring the deep abyss of space, and upon their return to this planet, they have begun to study all the incredible things our planet has to offer! During their trip around Earth’s atmosphere, the students began talking about the people who inhabit this planet and their different cultures. In the initial stages of this new project, they discussed what culture is and what it means for different countries and ethnicities to have a variety of cultures. Students started by reading books and partaking in class discussions about their own culture and how their own traditions and customs are alike and where they differ.

With so much to learn about, the students came up with a few questions of their own regarding what they want to learn around the world. These questions include:

  • What do people eat in different cultures?
  • What holidays are there in other countries?
  • What are the different languages?
  • Why do houses look different in different locations?
  • When did the states get created?
  • Where is the middle of the Earth?
  • How do countries decide what their flag will look like?

The first destination on their voyage was Mexico! In their lessons, students talked about historic landmarks in Mexico, such as the pyramids. The class also practiced Spanish words and learned more about the country with 9th Bridge’s Spanish teacher. One of 9th Bridge’s parents visited the class and brought traditional attire worn in Mexico to share with the students. They learned about when they would typically see these outfits, and this turned into a discussion on some of the seasonal traditions that are prevalent in Mexico. One of the students’ favorite topics to learn about is the food that comes from Mexico, and this week they will be making guacamole!

On their next trip, the students will be going to India!


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