9th Bridge teachers and staff are committed to providing children with the best possible learning experiences at school, and in making families’ lives richer by bridging the gap between school and home.

At 9th Bridge we seek positive, outgoing, and creative leaders.  We are looking for educators that have a desire to learn, are open to wonderment and questioning, demonstrate flexibility in thinking, and have the desire to co-create and collaborate.

It is our aim for each teacher to be given the tools they need to truly become a master teacher, and we are invested in providing our staff with the support and training they need to help build a foundation that is aligned with our goal to redefine school.  By encouraging teachers to continue learning themselves, we are creating an environment that continues to inspire the love of teaching .

Because we are approaching early childhood education in innovative ways, we are looking for teachers who are passionate about preparing our students for the future and are able to do so in creative and non-traditional ways. We are looking for those who understand and acknowledge that every child and class is different – and who will benefit from the space and autonomy needed to develop lessons that are best suited for their students.

We are looking for the teachers who wish they could redesign their lesson plans, who see a better way of inspiring children, who have confidence in their ability to ignite passion in learning. We are looking for leaders who are ready to join a learning community–not just report to work each day.

We invite you to join our journey to redefine the experience of school. Please submit applications using the links below, and questions can be emailed to hiring @

Open Positions:

 Pre-K Teacher

Lower Elementary Teacher

Upper Elementary Teacher

Support Staff

Substitute Teacher

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