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Join us this summer for a fun and educational camp focused on Design, Engineering, and Science.  Campers will experience field trips, guest visits, movies, cooking classes, and on-site workshops.

The summer program runs from June 4 – July 27th, and is open to children aged 3-10.  Email for more information or to register.

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Week 1 (June 4th):  Exploring Game Designs.

Game on! Campers will learn about various types of games and the key elements of a game in preparation for designing and building their own arcade by the end of the session. This week’s field trip… Fremont Arcade

Week 2 (June 11th):  Designing & Prototyping Games

Using the story of Caine’s Arcade as a springboard, campers will engage in the steps of design thinking this week as they craft our very own arcade games! This week’s field trip… John’s Incredible Pizza Co. (includes food & games)

Week 3 (June 18th):  Simple Machine Challenge

Pulley systems, inclined planes, levers, and more! Campers will learn about various types of simple machines as they explore how to move objects and build structures. This week’s on-site workshop is… Mad Science’s Brixology

Week 4 (June 25th):  Building Structures

Who says there can only be Seven Wonders of the World? This week campers will tinker with various materials like blocks, Legos and wood to design and create their very own monuments, structures, buildings, mazes and more! This week’s field trip is… Discovery Children’s Museum

Week 5 (July 2nd):  Water Week

Let’s splish & splash! Campers will explore the properties of water while also enjoying the cooling effects of wading pools, water sprinklers, slip-n-slides, water table activities and much more during this fun-filled week of water exploration!

Week 6 (July 9th):  Snap, Crackle, and Pop!  The Science of Sound

Did you hear that? Campers will awaken their five senses starting with learning about the sense of hearing while also exploring how sound can be created and how sound travels. This week’s on-site workshop is… Mad Science’s Listen Closely/Sonic Sound

Week 7 (July 16th): Color:  The Science of Sight

Do you see what I see? This week campers will specifically learn how to use their sense of sight to develop observational skills while exploring concepts of color creation, glow in the dark, light, optical illusions and more. This week’s field trip is… Glowzone

Week 8 (July 23rd): Sticky and Stinky:  The Science of Touch & Smell

What’s that smell? Campers will learn about the unique aspects of the sense of touch and smell by conducting fun experiments and exploring various materials. They will also discover ways to use their five senses to describe the world around them. This week’s on-site workshop is… Summer Concert Series

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