Join us this summer for a fun and educational camp focused on Design, Engineering, and Science.  Campers will experience field trips, guest visits, movies, cooking classes, and on-site workshops.

The summer program runs from June 3 – July 26th (note: we are closed week of July 1st), and is open to children aged 3-10.  Email for more information or to register.

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Week 1 (June 3rd):  Exploring Circuit Design.

Get powered up! Campers will take everyday objects and bring them to life by modeling and designing with electric circuits! From light-up paper circuit cards to Car Maker Bots, campers will test the conductivity of a variety of materials and charge up their design thinking skills!  This week’s on-site workshops are…Two STEAM workshops related to Circuitry!

Week 2 (June 10th):  Woodworking Design

Grab your toolbelt! Campers take designing to a whole other level! Incorporating design, problem solving, measuring, sanding, fastening, drilling, hammering, assembly, and painting while using wood and carpentry tools.  This week’s field trip / on-site workshop is… TBD

Week 3 (June 17th):  Engineering Challenges

Full STEAM ahead! Campers will have fun working in groups or individually to design and build a number of structures and projects. These daily challenges will test campers creativity and critical thinking, as well as energizing team building skills!  This week’s field trip / on-site workshop is… TBD

Week 4 (June 24th):  Technology and Coding

Campers become coders! Campers will develop their computational thinking skills while having fun learning basic coding concepts. This fun week includes playing coding board games, programming their first animated story, and customizing Ozobot commands and races!  This week’s on-site workshops are…Two STEAM workshops related to coding!

Week 5 (July 8th):  Messy Science

Time to get messy! Campers will investigate physical, chemical, and phase changes as they make things pop and ooze! Have fun making oobleck, super slime, and flubber while conducting experiments and formulating friendships and fun!  This week’s field trip / on-site workshop is… TBD

Week 6 (July 15th): Backyard Science

Nature nuts wanted! This week campers dig into the world of environmental science! Experiment and discover about nature, animals, and the world around us! From creepy crawlers to wild weather, campers might become the next generation of environmental scientists!  This week’s field trip / on-site workshop is… TBD

Week 7 (July 22nd): Rocket Space Science

3…2…1….Campers blast off for a week long mission into the investigation of outer space! Campers will explore rockets, astronauts, space, and telescope magnification. From launching our own rockets to engineering our own space suits, campers will have fun to the moon and back!  This week’s field trip / on-site workshop is… TBD

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