9th Bridge School Receives Highest 5-Star Honor from Nevada’s Silver State Stars QRIS Rating

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What is QRIS?


Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) is a systemic approach to assess, improve and communicate the level of quality in early and school-age care and education programs. QRIS quality is awarded to education programs that meet a set of defined program standards. The Nevada Silver State Stars QRIS is statewide, launching in 2013 with a mission to establish a standard of measurement, to improve the quality of early childhood programs and to educate families, providers and the community about quality care. Nevada’s QRIS is based on a 5-star scale. Ratings consist of a review of quality indicators and required criteria, as well as an on-site observation by a highly trained Star Assessor using the Environmental Rating Scales (ERS).

Why it matters to us?


9th Bridge School is the only school located in DTLV and one of 28 in the entire state to receive a 5-star Nevada Silver State Stars rating.  To say we’re extremely proud of this accomplishment would be an understatement! Listed below are five categories in which we excelled, and a reference to specific examples that are unique to our Social and Emotional Development, Critical Thinking, and Integrated Academic Skills based approach.

  1. Activities – At 9th Bridge School, we promote STEAM activities through project-based learning. During our “Tinkering” activities, students learn coding, circuitry, building, design and complete complex math challenges. These activities promote our students’ fine motor skills, gross motor skills, math and number skills, while also providing hands-on learning material.
  2. Program Structure – It’s no secret that we pride ourselves on our non-traditional learning structure! Our school garden highlights this, as it is one of the unique learning assets of our school program, as well as a vital tool in encouraging parent involvement. We also value and schedule an ample amount of free play for our students in between studies.
  3. Interaction – Our teachers are constantly observing and documenting the interested questions of our students to develop engaging projects that fan the flames of their natural curiosity. One of our class projects stemmed from a student questioning where certain snacks and drinks came from. Questions like this escalate into dozens of other questions revolving around the who, what, where, when, why, and how of food and nutrition that led to a 3-month class project.
  4. Language and Books – We provide our students with diverse and language-rich reading options. Every year during Nevada Reading Week, our students participate in an ‘Author Study’ to enhance their vocabulary development, place an emphasis on the importance of reading at a young age, language use, and cognitive learning. Click here to watch 9th Bridge School Founder and Head of School, Connie Yeh and Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Demetria Giles, give advice on promoting literacy and reading WITH (not to) your child.
  5. Personal Care Routines – Nutrition is of the utmost importance to us at 9th Bridge School! Thanks to Three Square, every plate is a balance of nutritious and delicious foods that even the pickiest of our eater’s love. Along with a balanced diet, we instill healthy hygiene practices in our student’s, like frequent hand-washing!

Celebration Time!


At 9th Bridge School, we are always working to provide superior care and work toward accreditations to earn confidence from our parents. On August 21st we held a school-wide QRIS celebration in which we invited all the parents of 9th Bridge, our QRIS administrators, and even had a guest appearance from Dr. Michael Maxell, the City of Las Vegas’ Director of Youth Development and Social Innovation! Without our amazing staff, parents, and students this prestigious designation wouldn’t be possible. Below are some photos highlighting the event!


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