9th Bridge School Annual Art Auction

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On Thursday, May 9th, 9th Bridge School hosted their third annual Art Show & Auction at the Arts Factory in downtown Las Vegas! Over the past 6 weeks, students have embarked on an Artist Study where they learned about elements of art, color theory and art education. Our Early Childhood and Elementary students focused on different aspects of creativity for their various artist studies. This year’s Art Auction showcased each individual student’s progression art piece as well as their classroom’s piece.

Our Art Auction is a parent’s night out event that gives parents the opportunity to give back to 9th Bridge School by purchasing their child’s art progression piece, participating in a raffle or bidding in our silent auction. All contributions raised go directly back to the school and benefit next year’s academics and extracurricular programs, teachers and other school initiatives like our school garden!

Our Toddler class studied the artwork of Aelita Andre, a twelve-year-old abstract artist who is known for her use of acrylic paint. Students experimented with primary and secondary colors and mixing the two to discover new shades and hues. Students mixed flour and salt in the paint to understand how they can make paint turn from runny to less runny. The class then painted individual canvases from down low on the ground and even up high on chairs to see the difference height can make when pouring paint.

After practicing on their individual pieces, the students collaborated on colors and painting techniques to create a beautiful canvas art piece called “Rocket Paint Explosion Violins”.

In our Pre-K class, discussions at the lunch table prompted the question of where food comes from and subsequently sparked the idea behind their art project.The students were interested to know how different foods, such as beets, strawberries, black beans, green tea and more can be used to dye textiles.This idea coupled with the children’s love of color mixing and tie-dying prompted experiments with different foods and spices to dye cotton fabric and create their own unique textiles and patterns. Students were able to learn about different shapes and sizes of fabric as well as how to cut and sew these pieces. All of the individual squares of fabric that each student made and dyed contributed to the class project – a beautiful quilt masterpiece!

Inspired by their ‘Around the World’ project, the students in our Lower Elementary classes worked on designing their own Rangoli art pieces. Rangoli is an Indian art style created using colored sand/powder, colored rice, dry powder and flower petals in patterns on the floor/ground. Rangoli are found at the entrances of homes and/or family rooms and are believed to bring good luck. After researching videos on technique and practicing on their own individual Rangoli pieces, students exercised their preciseness and attention to detail to make a beautiful class Rangoli piece!

Our Upper Elementary students studied artist Timea Papp. Timea Papp uses natural elements such as rocks and minerals to create her artwork – a perfect artist to tie into their project study on Rocks & Gems! She looks at the form and shape of each rock to contribute to her design.

Students imitated her process by researching a variety of rock art to figure out what it was that would inspire in each of them. Students printed off designs they found interesting and began to draw a variety of different designs on sheets of paper. After students found their rocks and drafted how they wanted their art piece to look they began transferring and arranging the rocks onto a canvas and solidifying them in place with a hot glue gun. Not only were students able to create their own individual rock art canvas but they also designed an intricate rock art piece as a class!

We want to give a special thank you to the amazing parents of 9th Bridge as well as our generous sponsors and auction contributors for their generous donations and sponsorships. Hope to see you for next year’s Art Auction!

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