9th Bridge and Week of the Young Child

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The week of April 8th through the 12th was spent filled with celebration and appreciation for the many support systems that are responsible for the success of the students at 9th Bridge School. NAEYC (the National Association for the Education of Young Children) takes a week every year to spotlight early learning, young children, their teachers, families and communities. Each day of Week of the Young Child (WOYC) is dedicated to a different aspect of early childhood. Our students got to enjoy music, build together, create art and celebrate their families all week long! This special week at 9th Bridge was filled with:

Music Monday:

For Monday’s activities, 9th Bridge came together for a school-wide music lesson that was filled with harmonization, a variety of musical instruments, and physical activity.

Tinker Tuesday:

Tinker Tuesday is filled with some of our students’ favorite ways to challenge themselves! Some of the activities included a hammer and nails station, a creative craft corner, and an Ozobot station.

Wellness Wednesday:

In an effort to practice mental and physical wellness, Wednesday morning our students participated in Zumba classes. These activities were a great way to get the blood pumping and rock out to some of their favorite songs!

Our students practiced following directions of some classic songs like “Cha-Cha Slide”, and they even had a conga line going!

Tie Dye Thursday:

On Thursday our students brought in a few of their uniform shirts to tie-dye! This gave them opportunity to get creative with the shirts they wear every day and have fun showcasing their unique style.

Family Friday:

Friday was 9th Bridge School’s annual family field trip to Downtown Container Park! Parents and volunteers were welcomed to venture into our local community with our students and enjoy the fresh air.

Thank you to all of our 9th Bridge family volunteers who helped make this week fun and memorable!


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