Las Vegas Preschool and Private School

Vision, Mission and Values

Las Vegas Preschool and Private School

Our Vision:

We envision an inspired world of boundless curiosity.

Our Mission:

To transform education by redefining the experience of school.

Our Values:

We value HUMILITY because we are all learners.
We COLLABORATE because the merging of our experiences is how we grow.
We value INTEGRITY because we believe in doing the right thing.
We seek PASSION because it ignites our intense desire to change the world.
We value PLAY because amusement and creativity are the building blocks of learning.
We NURTURE because a loving, compassionate, safe environment allows individuality and self-expression to thrive.
We commit to SUSTAINABILITY because we are dedicated to our collective future.
We value BOLDNESS because it takes courage to break free from the norm.
We create IMPACT outside our walls by interacting with the real world and our community.

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